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  1. Your Friends Spinner and Trudi, Indiana

    It was great sharing the road with you on my first Ride to the Wall. Hope you enjoy the picture. See you next year.

  2. Mike P, Novato, CA
  3. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Milo and his family than riding in the Highway 101 Harley-Davidson, Coos Bay Lighthouse run as part of Milo’s crew. Had a fantastic time with some great rides and lots of laughs.

    Milo & Joni all the best to you…..keep smiling!

    Milo and the Rat Bike

  4. Nick, 1976 FLH

    Super nice bike, the bestest of the rats! It's easy to see people love it and will continue loving it for generations to come.

    Have you considered contacting the Smithsonian to assure that it continues to amaze after you "retire"?

    Best Wishes and Thank You for sharing your creativity with us.

  5. Frank T., Blue Ridge Mountians, SC

    Hey Milo, funny thing happened the other was a rainy day so I was goofing about in a antique shop looking for some cast iron pans, found a nice one so I was standing in line to pay. This rather nice looking lady was in front of me with some other ladies and she said she was from Oregon, the man at the cash register said it was so pretty out there and I said depends on which side of Oregon your on. So the the rather nice looking lady asked where I'd been in Oregon and I said Baker City and Roseburg, I said eastern Oregon was pretty bleak but I liked western Oregon. She said she was from Roseburg, I said oh yea do you know Rat Bike Milo? She said "as a mater of fact I do, I'm his wife". And I said small world isn't it. I had saw your bike in Wenachee Wa. late last summer and remembered your from Roseburg. I work for the US Forest Service and travel to a lot of different forests to work. The little antique shop was in Easley SC. I live right at the bottom of the Blue Ridge mountains, it's so pretty to ride here. Be careful out there, let me know when you head this way.

  6. Q Madp of Portland, OR

    I call it Road Kill Bike, he calls it Rat Bike.


  7. Noel and Yvette, CO

    Hi Milo, thanks for stopping by and joining us for some are some of the pictures taken, and will get you more as they come in.

    Will try and call you today and make sure you made it in O.K.

    Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place Ratbike Milo at Noel and Yvettes Place

  8. L.E. Simpson, Palmer,NE

    Hi Milo, I was part of the group from Grand Island, NE, that rode with you from Kearney, NE to Grand Island. It was the most emotionally moving ride that I have ever been on. I can't discuss it or even think about it without getting choked-up. Thank you for being apart of that experience and God be with you.

  9. F. Faircloth, Greater Des Moines

    Hi Milo, Was a pleasure meeting you and the rat bike at Freedom Rock near Des Moines, Iowa. The ride on to the new Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, and dinner with the disabled Vets in Des Moines made for a fun ride and a really nice day. Ride on brother and stay safe.

  10. Scott, Davenport

    Hey Milo - good to see you and the ratbike again! Good luck and have fun.

  11. Janet, Somewhere in Colorado

    Hi Milo! I see you are in Colorado today. If I would have known you were headed into this great state, I would have extended an offer for a bed and shower for the night. You could have met Curtis.

    Looks like you got off the beaten path. Are you camping?

  12. R. Cline

    Milo, This was the second time I have rode with your group. I am a Vietnam vet and kind of a patriot. I think this is a wonderful thing that your ride can draw so much attention to veterans. Please put me on your E-mail list I would like to here from you once in a while.

    Ride safe and may the gods bless you. SEE YA

  13. T. & M. Pruitt, Washington D.C.

    Milo, It was good to see you again at Rolling Thunder this year. My wife and I meet you at your shop in Roseburg OR. in July 2007. We spent a pleasant time with you and enjoyed our short time together. I was glad we were able to reconnect at the Pentagon. I called my wife after we spoke and she could not believe that we got to meet again. She remembered you very well. She said she wished could have been there with me to see you again. We wish we could do something to make your visit in this area more comfortable.

    Take care and ride safe.

  14. Bill, Washington D.C.

    Saw you at Rolling Thunder yesterday. Your bike is one of the ugliest; and is yet the most interesting, and creative-looking bikes I've ever seen.

    Thanks for the back-story!! I believe you said you have over 1 million miles logged!!! Outstanding.

    Be safe.

  15. M. Ford & B. Carsey, West Virginia

    Milo and rat bike sighting in West Virginia this morning, great to hear the story behind the bike and the man. Also having breakfast with all the brave vets and their family riding with the NVAR was humbling and inspirational on this Memorial Day Holiday.

    God Bless

  16. Patrick M., USMC, Combat Engineer

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the ride with you all. You are a very fun guy to be around. Rhonda (the one that gave you the “hand grip” coozie) and myself had a blast. I am going to try my hardest to see about joining you all for the trip from Iowa to DC next year if things work out.

    Being a vet myself I know how much this really means to everyone and was honored to be able to participate even though it was only for a short time.

    I will definitely be keeping an eye on your site and tell your friend (the one doing the site) that he is doing a great job!

    Here’s hoping that you have great weather and little wind the rest of the trip.

  17. "Two Rivers Massage" Pam, Moline, IL

    Hey Milo, You made it on the TV again.

    Channel 8 news at 10pm, it was just a blurb at the end of their newscast, but it was great!

    Happy trails (rat trails) as you leave Iowa tomorrow!

    see you next year!

  18. Noel and Yvette, Cheyenne, WY

    Hi Milo, What a great treat to see you again....hope the ride is going well......we really enjoyed the time and the event...everything...

    Thanks for the book as it means a lot and we are already reading it....It may even help with some things I have struggled with.....Thanks’re the best....

    Here are some photos for the trip and I can send more if needed.....

    Thanks again and hope to see you again this summer....maybe you will come back this way---

    We will ride with you anywhere.

    Noel and Yvette Ratbike Milo and Yvette

  19. Mark B. D.D.S., Prosthodontist, OR

    Moved to Oregon about 11/2 ago saw the Ratbike at OT and wondered what the story was…..coworkers filled me in….Looked out the window of my operatory on Thursday to see Troops, you and fellow riders…..made me cry.

    Found out about the web site and enjoying your story and dedication.

    On a side note got my first HD last weekend….Road Glide. I've done a lot of Iron Butt stuff on my other bikes but this is my first cruiser for a long time. Looking forward to racking up some miles…..

    Wish you well, be safe


  20. Kevin and Meaghan M., Sighted in Reno

    Hi Milo, meet you in Reno on May 13, 9:00 am. My daughter and I were riding from Phoenix to Vancouver Ca., having a coffee and fueling up at a Chevron when all the National Veterans Awareness Riders rode in. I walked over to have a look and you were great guy to talk to, explained about your bike and adventure you and your fellow riders were on. It was fun to be able to meet you.

    Kevein and Megan  Kevein and Megan

  21. Sharon (Mike R's mom)

    Hi Milo: I see you have been close to my hometown of Ravenna, Nebr. Hope you are having a good ride in the heartland of America. Regards, Sharon

  22. Laurie, NTV, Nebraska

    Milo, Hey! Great meeting you on Saturday! Thanks for doing the interview! Here is a link to the story that aired.

    This will direct you to the text story. Then you need to click on the little movie reel icon to watch the video. The interview didn’t get put up, because as you know it got cut a little short L But, it was still good! A little glitch on the beginning of the story, but worked the rest of the way. Bad day for our signal, I guess. Hope you like it!

  23. Stu P., CA

    Milo I can't wait for the fun??? The suspense?? Will Red make it? It should. Will you meet any new cops along the way?? What will have to be air freighted overnight?? Will any ladies that are your friend stop talking to you?? What will the guy with the $25K++++ dollar bike do when he or she can't catch that 1,000 LBS rat? We shall see. Have fun, Stu-e-j