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Sep 29 - Milo, I have attached a picture of you thumbs up on your bike at HOGs 25th Anniversary. First of all I have never seen a rat bike until yours, its got to be the best!  I stood there just watching people smile, take pictures, ask each other questions and other things.  I knew very quickly seeing your reactions and answers you were giving as to why you have this bike - JUST BECAUSE!!   What a fun time you must have everywhere you go!

From Dave of Des Moines, IA

Be safe, Dave L., Des Moines, IA

Sep 29 - Milo, Finally found time to check out your site. Great site. Looks like you have quite a following.  Let me know when you make it to Texas.  End of May/First of April or second weekend in November (TMS is calling).

Thanks for everything. We are blessed to have a friend like you.

Les G., TX

Sep 25 - Hey Milo, Just checked out your webpage--wow--great job!

Do you live in Roseburg? I graduated High School there 6/6/1966. Worked at the Garden Valley Grocery store (think that's the right name) before going in the USAF.

Saw the "Ratbike" at the 25th but you were'nt around when I took the attached pics. I was in parade also--about half-way back according to my roommates.

Keep that shiney (???) side up.

Mike K. (aka "nvr2old"), Broomfield, CO

Sep 13 - Milo: I don't know if you have seen this but I thought I would share it with you since you do so much for our Vets. The "Rock" is located a mile south of Interstate 80 @ exit 86 (Route 25) in Greenfield, Iowa. I was there a couple of years ago & was touched enough that I had to stop again. You can find it through goggle. There is a long story & ever changing paintings involved with this memorial.

Veterans Rock  Veternas Rock  Veterans Rock  About the Veterans Rock

Thanks: Bob S., Fair Haven, NY

Sep 13 - Milo: Nancy &I enjoyed meeting you & sharing both dinner & breakfast with you. You're quite the character !! You also happen to be a true gentleman.

Our trip ended up being 3,456 miles long & we covered the entire range of weather. Froze our little buns off for those first two days. Found a great pair of warm, WATERPROOF gloves that saved the trip!! Stopped at the first "Wal-Mart" & bought a gas can, sweat pants & two hooded sweatshirts. Hit the road toasty !!!!

We had a close encounter with a bison in Yellow Stone park, way to close!! He was walking up the road as each car passed they of course took pictures. A group of bikers coming from the other direction tried to spook him (loud exhaust revs) & as we passed he just figured I was just "one of those damn bikers" Another step & he would have had us!!

Stopped at our friend Scott's parents house in Ohio & shared in the untimely passing of his father. We have only known his parents for a couple of years & yet they have taken us in as family. Truly a touching experience.

This week I'll find the address for the ladies in the picture & send them copies of their "Milo sighting".

Again: Thanks for the fellowship!! Always, Bob and Nancy S., Fair Haven, NY

ps: I know a place in Fair Haven NY has a warm bed available for overnight stays if your in the area!!

The Shons meet Ratbike Milo  The Shons meet Ratbike Milo  The Shons and Ratbike Milo  The Shons vs the Bison

Sep 9 - Accidently caught your site, and then read it all. I'd say you've gotten more Harley time in than 100 average riders. I rode a 47 knuckle till a cell phone talking blonde in a Lincoln Navigator didn't bother to watch the road and ran me over. End of that. I had to make the switch to 4 wheels and drive a 32 ford that I drug out of a cornfield in Iowa. Took some work but a great surrogate rat.

I, as you, am no fan of trailer queens so I really respect and admire what you do, while most are pretending to. And half a million on a shovel? That might be a record. I also admire your intelligence and wit that come through your articulate writing. Keep doing what you are doing, the real bikers need a good guy who isn't an outlaw to represent them. Doing all your repairs, while traveling also just my style. It's amazing how help comes from unlikely sources when you are in need. The kindness of strangers keeps the world turning.

Your ability to ride through the weather is also a strength. Now that I've moved back to Oregon, more than one rainy cold day kept the 32 roadster parked and the heated old pick-up on the road. Shame on me. You were lucky to find such a caring and understanding wife. She's sounds like an angel.

I wish you many more happy safe years riding. I live in Monroe, Oregon now but I get around. Love to meet you in person. I'll keep my eyes open for you, your bike looks impossible to miss. If you see some dumbass in a flat black fenderless 32 roadster waving like an idiot, you'll know that you've seen me.

I support local businesses and will check out your tool stores - no sense sending the money back east. Keep it upright.

My best to you and yours, keep up the inspiration, Alex M., Monroe, OR

Sep 7 - Thanks for the pictures of yours and your wife and daughter's bike. It was fun meeting you all and looking at your bikes.

Glen and Geneva meet Ratbike Milo in Coos Bay   Coos Bay visited by the Rat Bike   Highway 42 Survives Danny's first Big Bike Ride   Yes, Ratbike Milo Always Smiles!   Coos Bay Friends and Ratbike Milo

Have a great one, Glen and Geneva

Sep 4 - Got some great pics of you in the 105th parade downtown Milwaukee. I'm a photographer so really enjoyed all the photo opps and these are great. Good thing you had your website on the front of your bike.

Ratbike Milo as captured by Images by Marlene   Images by Marlene catches Ratbike Milo

Marlene, Genoa, WI

Sep 4 - Hey Master Milo, Ozwald here, Blondie and I arrived back in the Sceptered Isle this morning Wednesday, It was a great honour to meet you and join in the ride home, I only wish I could have made the time to come the whole way across. Attached are a couple of pics I thought you might like..... We will follow your progress with fascination all our very best wishes.....

H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade  
H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade   H-D 105th Anniversary Parade  

Oz n Blondie, Nene Valley, England

Sep 3 - Saw the Rat Bike in Lake Geneva in the Popeyes parking lot on the lake and as soon as we got back from the 105th celebration I looked you guys up. Love the bike. We got pictures. Have a great rest of your trip. Ride safe.

Patty from Cedar Lake, IN

Sep 3 - Milo, Enjoyed seeing the ratbike and speaking with you at the 105th.

Frank and Joan H. Lafayette, NJ.

Sep 2 - It was great meeting you at the Harley 105th this weekend.  Your bike is a work of art.  I thought you might enjoy the picture, at the end of this email, we snapped of you in the parade.

Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary Parade

Stacey R., Parsippany, New Jersey

Aug 27 - Milo, I had to forward these to you. Thanks for the great photo op! I can definitely say I have never seen a motorcycle like yours.

Thanks for being a part of our 105th Anniversary celebration.

H-D of Wausau   H-D of Wausau  

Anna O., Harley-Davidson of Wausau

Aug 26 - Hi Milo, Saw you at Wausau H-D on the 105th ride to Milwaukee. OMG, what a menagerie! I'd fear wild dogs would have a field day on it when your back is turned. I have a deer leg on my bike, got put there after we hit it in '99. Dogs always come sniffing around! At any rate, my leg may be a tad bigger, but your whole package is the BIGGEST and the BEST!!!! But then again, I'm not counting my gazillion mashed bugs!

Enjoy our Harley party, make sure to come back for the 110th. We're curious as to what will be assimilated by then, Borg style, 680 of 724 perhaps?!

H-D 105th Anniversay

Ride safe, Carolyn & John, Oconomowoc, WI 8/26/08

Aug 25 - Howdy Milo, Thanks for blessing us with your presence up here at Roughrider Harley in Mandan North Dakota. You enjoy your time at the 105th party and if you ever get back this way. Please stop in. I always need a good trade in. Hugs!

Your new friend, Nance, Mandan, North Dakota

Aug 24 - Ratbike Milo attended the 105th Ride Through Destination at Andy's Harley-Davidson in Grand Forks, ND on Sunday, August 24, 2008. What a character and great conversationalist. We could've listened to him all day and night!

Great stories shared by Milo, excellent photo opportunity, descriptions of his bike and plethora of "stuff" accumulated. I think he knows where each and every piece still came from!!!!

THANKS MILO for being such a good sport and riding your bike up on the dike for the "Trash Pile" photo! Hope your readers enjoy our pictures of you! You are truly a gift and joy on this earth! It is clear that you LOVE what you are doing and life is definitely an adventure!

Best wishes, happy and safe trails to you and your loved ones. Hope to see you soon. Am looking forward to you writing a "coffee table" book complete with pictures!


Jeanie O. Editor, HOG Caller, HOG Chapter 8594, Grand Forks, ND.

Jul 28 - Milo, I don't ride but I enjoy stopping into Oregon Tool & Supply while driving through Oregon on my way to Washington State. I could spend hours cruising the aisles of what perhaps the best tool supply store I've ever step foot into. When we cross into Oregon from California my wife now asks, "Do you want to stop in on your tool store in Roseburg?" I've met you a couple times while at the store and marveled at the photographs that chronicle your rides.

The last time I was in you gave me your business card and suggested I check out you website. Well, I did and what amazing journeys you have traveled! I read everything with interest and, at times, thought I was along for the ride! I appreciate your zest for life, your perseverance and your love for God, family and country. The world needs alot more "Ratbike Milos". Thanks for sharing your experiences while "catching some wind."

Jim C., California

Jul 26 - Good to hear from you, you did send this to me I lost track of it. Amazing is an understatement... Love the radio simulcast, You are an icon. Easy Rider 2. There should be a movie. Road n the Ratbike. Have fun. I bet you made the day for many a retired Vet.

Helen C., ~pending city and state~

Jul 13 - Milo, My name is Mike Ward, I'm a 28yr old father of 2, and 8yr husband of the coolest chick I could ever ask for. I am a firefighter/EMT and a transmission mechanic. Enough with the introduction I guess, yesterday (7/13) I took part in the second annual memorial bike run for my Mom, Connie Eno. This is where I heard of you, and that you are carrying some of her ashes around the country with you. I just wanted to say thank you. I'm not sure of your connection to her, but I know that what you are doing is good thing. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get my first bike until a few months ago, a '63 Triumph Bonneville which took a lot of work to get running but she's running pretty strong now. Iwish I had been able to ride with her before she passed but it was not meant to be I guess. but knowing that she is touring the country on a Harley now means a lot to me and I just wanted you to know that, thank you. well I don’t want to get to sappy so I will wish you safe riding, fair winds and following pavement

Best regards, Mike

FROM Ratbike Milo: Hi Mike. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. About 5 or 6 years ago, a couple that I didn’t know came up to me at an Iron Horse rodeo, and introduced themselves to me. They said that they have known about me for quite some time. They told me that they felt very comfortable in asking me to do them a HUGE favor. They had a small film container that contained some ashes of their good friend, Bonnie, who died of cancer at 47 years young. They told me she was an ‘absolute angel’, and they would be honored if I took them and spread them around the country during my travels. I was the one who felt honored that they would even ask me to do that. Every once in a while, I take the container out and tell the story and say a little prayer and put some ashes on the front of my bike so Bonnie can once again be free in the wind. As I told the story at last years Rolling Thunder pre-parade gathering in the pentagon parking lot, I must have inspired at least one person in the crowd. He waited for a full year to pass and looked me up at this years gathering in the same parking lot. He handed me a small baggie with a picture of Connie and some of her ashes in it. He told me that he remembered my story from last year and would I please do the same for his very dear friend, Connie who died in May of 2007. I found out that his name is Kyle and I wrote it down on Connie’s picture with the year of her death as well. The picture is one of her proudly holding up a fish, and looking pleased as punch with it! I told Kyle that I would be honored to do the same thing with Connie’s ashes as I have been doing with Bonnie’s ashes. Even though I didn’t know either of the gals, it gives me a great deal of pride to fulfill the wishes of the good friends who did know them. So far Bonnie has been in all 48 states with me and the rat bike and 2 provinces of Canada. Connie has joined us in DC this year and has been up to Portland Maine and back to Oregon with me for about 25 states and the province of Ontario, Canada. Thank you very much, Mike, for giving me a little insight about your mom. I will do you proud! By the way, thanks for doing what you do, saving peoples lives! That is a most awesome job that gets the utmost respect from me. Perhaps we will meet someday. Follow my website to learn about more Adventures of Milo and the rat bike! And where else your mom has been, in her afterlife that is.

Ratbike Milo, Roseburg, OR

Jun 26 - Milo, Good to see you in Sonoma.  I have to let you know that as a fellow business owner in Roseburg, OR, you are an inspiration to me.  You are always so kind and generous to our community and I strive to provide our community with the same level of generosity that you have over the years.  I’ve never heard and ill word spoken about you.  Keep it up, and thank you for the inspiration.

Chris B., Roseburg, OR

Jun 25 - Saw the Ratbike at Infineon Raceway last Sunday 6/22 at the Nascar race - you were parked just down from us. I don't know how we missed you coming in. We stopped and took pictures and by the time we left a half dozen others were enjoying the detail - GREAT race !

Thanks for making our morning - Bill in San Francisco, CA

Jun 16 - Mr Milo, It was so good to see you at the Redwood run. I really enjoyed talking with ya. If you ever get to my neck of the woods your welcome to stay at my house anytime. RIDE ON.

Your pal Shannon, French Gulch, Ca.

Jun 14 - Hey Milo; It was a pleasure to meet you Friday at the Redwood Run. I put the armband on you. That bike is amazing! Keep on riding and showing people how to have a good time.

God Bless. Capt. Kirk...Eternal Riders C.M.A Oroville,Ca

Jun 11 - ROLLING THUNDER 052508 Pentagon parking lot

Steve C., the Pentagon



Jun 10 - Found the Rat Bike in Wenatchee, Wash. at the Holiday Inn Express. My husband got a kick out of it. He says it needs a squirrel. We had to take pictures to show everyone we know. Great Bike. Good Luck in all your travels.

Chris and Beth S. in Wenatchee, Wa

Jun 10 - Hi Milo and Joni, I was sitting in Wendy's (in Fargo, N.D, June, 4th.) with my wife and two kids when what did I hear thunder into the Subway next door? I told my wife, "Now there's a rat bike." She said "A what?" I said "I'll show ya." Just as we got over to the bikes, Joni came out of the restaurant to get something from her bike. I was able to talk with her just enough to get the "Who?" and "Whats?" and asked permission to take a few pics. I ride a 01 softail and work with several bikers. I shared the website with them. One is a rat bike guy. Can't wait till I get the pictures developed to show them.

Joni, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and to Milo, sorry I wasn't able to meet you this time. Maybe next time.

Lyle L. Moorhead, Mn

Jun 7 - Hi Mile O: Found this picture I thought your readers would enjoy. Joni on her new bike and a watchful eye from “Ratbike Milo” in the rear view! Hope you and Joni get home soon we miss you!

Sighted by Carol from Glide

Carol in Glide, OR


CARLA M., JUAN C., AMBER AND ERICKA B., Livingston, Montana

Jun 5 - Milo, I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. You take time away from your  job to travel, visit and show your support for the Military and the Veterans. I commend you in all that you do. I wish more people felt the way you do. I have brothers in the military. One was in all the Gulf Wars and in Panama too and now my youngest brother is over in Iraq for the 4 or 5th time and now my husband and friends to. Our son is also in the National Guard and I pray he doesn't have to, but if he dose I will be just as proud of him as I am of my husband and all the others. I was the short blonde that met you at Holiday Inn Express in Black Water Falls, WI. I took your picture. If you would like a copy for your scrap book let me know where to send it. Your picture will be in ours.

Thank you and all your friends to for all you do for our country we need to pray hard for the up coming election too.

Yours truly, Pam C., MS

Jun 5 - Milo, lizzie and i really enjoyed your journal on the run to the wall. iam very envious 0f your ability to have the resources and time to take great trips. i e-mailed the pics of your visit with us in reno. what a blast from the past. enjoy the redwood run, i asume thats where you are heading about now.

Ride safe, Pete and Lizzie, Reno, NV

Jun 3 - Hows it goin, the bike has changed a lil bit since i saw it last but never less it looks great. When I talked to aunt kat yesterday she gave me this website so I could check it out. I dont know if she told yall I bought me a new hogg 2 months ago a dyna super glide custom. Tell joni and the girls i said hello and next time you get stopped shoot me a line i would love to hear from yall. always ride safe and ride long.

RA Blevins New Harley

Sincerely, R.A. Blevins

Jun 3 - Hola! My mammaw told me about u and I think ur bike is awesome (tho slightly odd lol) and I decided to email u idk y!


June 2, 2008 - Hello Milo and Joni! Thanks for the phone call this afternoon. What a surprise! Yes, I have been checking out your website. Carol was kind enough to email the website. It looks like you and Joni are enjoying another wonderful trip, seeing sites, making new friends and visiting old friends. Have a safe trip home. Take care.

Paula N., Roseburg, OR

May 31 - Just had a great suprize! Milo and Joni showed up at our door step in Michigan City,In just to say "HEY" on their way home. Milo wanted me to send these pics to the web site. I really enjoy them. What great friends they are.

Never Forget.

Ratbike_             milo_and the Group  Ratbike_Milo and Friend at Rolling Thunder

"Headdog" and "Loopy", MI

May 31 - Hi Milo -- met you and your 'Happy' bike at a stop in NY (Latham I think).... saw you again when we got closer to Niagara Falls. I told you to buy my daughter's book and will hold you to that! Take care.

J. Slatton, NY

May 31 - Milo just got back from Rolling Thunder, took the long way back to Ma. hope your ride was as good as ours. Here is a picture of my wife Chris on your bike with you, she says I should of put the deer I hit on my bike. I tried to have the ambulance throw it on their fender, they said no. Great to see you for the past three years at Rolling Thunder.

Ratbike Milo and Chris at Rolling Thunder


May 29, 2008 - Hey there, My boyfriend is working out of state this week and called me tonight to tell me about this guy he met this morning at the Quality Inn in Latham, NY. My boyfriend was on of the line men that were staying there - tall, dark and handsome - but you may not think so but I sure do. He told me about this rat bike he saw and talking to the owner of that bike. He said he wanted me to check out this website - they have a laptop with them, but are not very computer savvy, to say the least! So, when I got home I typed in What an awesome website. I could spend hours reading through your adventures and looking at the pictures. I have seen my share of rat's before, but none touch yours. The animals kind of freak me out, but I love it. I hear your seat is a pillow. I sure hope it is more comfortable than the one my brother-in-law had on his bike. Or you have a very strong butt.

My late husband always rode a Harley. But, he was more into the customizing with lots of chrome and a different paint job every year, he liked to be seen and show off a little. He was amazing at what he could do. And he was about speed. Needless to say, my past bike riding and your bike riding are very different. I envy you - I don't know if I could be as free as you. I hope someday I reach that place in my head. I hear your wife has a nice new Harley - it is cool that you guys ride together!! I got my motorcylce license finally and I have a 1970 Suzuki 250, kick start, dually. Hey, our bikes are the same age, but mine only has 4,000 original miles. I don't have much opportunity to ride being a single mom. Someday I will have more time.

Sorry to ramble on. I think your website is so cool and I can't wait for my boyfriend to be home this weekend so he can check it out, too.

Please ride safe! Maybe if you are ever in Vermont we could meet - maybe I will be on my sweet 1970 ride - lol!

Joanne F., Latham, NY

May 29, 2008 - Hey Milo! We are still talking about you and your, umm, well........ Bike? You and your friends were great to talk to. We hope you nothing but the best of rides and safety. Can't wait to see the moose on the Ratbike!! Have fun on the East Coast..

Big Moose Harley-Davidson, Portland, ME

May 29, 2008 - Made it back to Indiana without any problems.Was great riding with you and Joni. I want to personally thank you for all you do for this run (NVAR). I will be keeping tabs on Ratbike Milo and all his adventures. Hope to be riding with you again soon brother.

"Headdog" Moore

May 27, 2008 - what up brother, names Bear, i was in a welding truck and took your pic w/my phone on 128 in Westin Mass (fucking poured out bro). turned my friends on to your site , alot of em vets also. was a pleasure to meet ya. keep the rubber side down bro...ill stay in touch.

Big Bear

May 27, 2008 - Milo, Met you last year 2007 Rollin Thunder and was impressed with your bike. I have some pics for you from both '07 and '08. Maybe you could use them.

I am obsessed with catching up in mileage with you. So far I probably have about 15,000 miles under my butt. I am 26 and have been riding 3 years this fall.

Thanks and happy trails 'till next time !

ratbikemilo sioghted by M. Clites  ratbikemilo sioghted by M. Clites

Matthew C.

FROM Ratbike Milo: Hi Matthew, As you know, I've been riding this same Harley for 33 years. I have ridden well over 550,000 miles so far, give or take a few grand, on the same bike. Your post reminds me of me around 31 years ago, when I had only been riding my Harley for a couple of years. I was over at Bill Morgan's house in Oakland CA, having Bill help me with my transmission. I asked him about his Panhead. (Harley-Davidson made them from 1948 to 1965). Bill told me that he has been riding and working on her for 15 years. I said "WOW, 15 years with the same bike". Boy was I impressed!! Your comment brings up my memory, of his comment that I will never forget! With those words said, I hope you will remember mine, 30 years from now! I probably wont be riding then, as I will be 83 years old, if I'm still around. You have a lot of time, to not only catch me in mileage, but to surpass me! Thanks, great to see you again at Rolling Thunder and posting on my blog. Happy Riding.

Ratbike Milo, Somewhere in Maine

May 25, 2008 - This is a great web site Milo, I will pass it along to my friends and family. Hope you and Joni are having a great time. Hope the girls are fine and congratulation to you and Joni on becoming grand parents (soon) when the little one gets here I am sure you will spoil the little rascal!

Happy motoring from Your bro Monte

May 25, 2008 - Hi Mile 0: I’m not sure if you will remember me or not, since you have become so famous in the past two weeks. Remember the cute blonde from your 2003 Sturgis road trip. This might strike you memory a bit….”The Missoula 500”; drag racing until my belt flew off into the crowd; running at speeds of 100 or more with you and some really cute biker named Randy - only to discover that my primary didn’t have any oil in it, because Gordon was harassing the mechanic who was replacing the belt and he forgot to put oil in, and last but not least riding with you and Joni around the campground through everyone’s camp just to say hi and when I say through I mean literally through their camps (picture attached). Well if you haven’t figured it out yet I am your favorite girl friend from back home. Your website is awesome and we miss you. Look forward to riding with you both when you return.

Carol, Joni and the very lucky Ratbike Milo

Carol in Glide, OR

May 23, 2008 - Hi Milo! Read your blog, that Keith is my husband, tell him to quit yelling at folks from the balcony! Thanks.

Vickie A. in Dallas, OR

May 23, 2008 - Hi Milo, Heard a report on the radio today. You broke down?? Trying to find out what happened. Hope you are back on the road and feeling fine. We'll see you when you get home. Enjoy the ride.

T & B looking for Ratbike Milo

T. & E. McBee, Camas Vally, OR

May 22, 2008 - Milo it was great to see you here in Michigan City Indiana again this year. It was awesome to be riding next to you as we rode into town from the truckstop. I think your Rat Bike stood out more than my Scooter did. You still make me feel short when I'm standing next to you. Have a great trip and I hope to see you next year for the N.V.A.R ride.

Ratbike Milo Sighted by Shortcake  Sighted by Shortcake in Michican City, IN  Ratbike Milo on his 2008 NVAR

ShortCake, Michican City, IN

May 21, 2008 - By special request of Marine Corps JROTC Cadet Follow's family, I am providing link to a video they request all to see. This performance was put on during Ratbike Milo's appearance in Portage, IN.

If you are concerned about America's safety in the future, watch this video, the United States of America will continue to stay in good hands.

Sergeant Ben, Webmaster

May 20, 2008 - Could please help me understand why someone does that? Just curious.


FROM Ratbike Milo:Very simple answer Bugs, cause not too many other people do this, and if they do have a rat bike, they mostly pull em out of a trailer and put them in a show. They may run but not too far. As far as I know, I'm the only rat bike rider who rides theit rat bike as far, as often, and as many miles as I do. I've ridden the same bike for 33 years now and well over 550,000 miles. Can you say that or do you know anybody who can say that? Sure other people ride a lot, but on the same bike, and a rat bike no less? For that many miles. My whole goal in life is to help people smile. Everyone has the ability to smile, it's just that some people need a little help in that department. Did my bike make you smile? If not, it's just not your day! See ya on the road someday.

Thanks for writing, Ratbike Milo

May 20, 2008 - Ratbike Milo and J. Follow, High school JMROTC leaves for Boot Camp on 11 Aug 2008. K. Follow seen Milo 2:30 @ Portage high school in Portage, IN and I think what the group is doing fantastic work, keep up the great work and have a safe trip to D.C.

Ratbike Milo Sighted by, J. Follow, Portage, IN  Ratbike Milo sighted in Portage, IN  Portage, IN sighted Ratbike Milo

DK Follow, Portage, IN

May 20, 2008 - Hi Milo,

My name is Luana. Drew told me a little about your infamous 'Rat Bike', but words do not do it justice, it's truly a sight to behold.

I read your journal entries and have really enjoyed them, makes me feel like I'm a long for the ride, and from the sounds of it, it's been very interesting so far.

Thank you for the support and respect you are showing our veterans, I know it must do their hearts good to see and talk with you. My dad is a WWII Vet and I have a son who is serving in the Navy, and it makes me feel good to see men like you supporting our servicemen and women, past and future.

Good Luck and God Bless as you continue on your journey....give Drew a squeeze for me and tell him I say hi.


May 19, 2008 - Here are some of the pictures we took when you were here. It was great having you and your friends and family…you are all a great bunch! Thanks to everyone for donating to Stride Learning Center I think we met our goal!!!!

Ratbike Milo  Ratbike Milo and his Rat Bike  The Rat Bike and Milo   

A. Lund, Maverick Motorsports Group, LLC, Cheyenne

May 15, 2008 - What can I say? Depending on who wants to pay me the most??? I have all the dirt on Milo. Who is going to play who in the movie or mini series? I see Pete started when he met Milo, well when I met Milo I was 13 maybe 14. I am only going to give a short word here. My first ride on a Harley was Milo's rat bike after we got it off the truck and got it rode worthy, so we thought. It only blew a little blue smoke, cough, cough. It was the first Harley I ever rode or it was the second and Randy not quite his brother in law yet had a iron head sportster. Milo said if I could start it I could ride it. I got to go to work now as I just got back to Carmel Valley yesterday after seeing them off in Sacramento...........Pete don't discount those FXR's as "old FXR's", mine will kick ass on most of those new bikes!!! I bet your's would too. Did you all know that Milo was a wheelie king? One of the reasons I used to practice on a by my house. Milo for wheelies and my brother Bob for burnouts. Peace out my BROTHER!!!...L, me. High school sweethearts!

Milo-Topless  Milo and Fellow Rider  Milo and Me

SJP, High School Sweetheats

May 14, 2008 - i first met milo in 1994 at the redwood run. we were in the bike show ,milo won the ratbike class and i won the full dress class. reggie got the idea of taking a picture showing the complete opposite bikes and put the picture on the front page of the thunder press. since then we have not met again. this past sunday 5/11 08 my daughter and i jumped on my old fxr's and rode up to virginia city. while we were walking around i spotted the rat bike from hell, we looked for milo but no luck. i left a note on the bike explaining who i was, that i lived in reno and asked him to give me a call. about two hours later he and his wife and another couple pulled into my driveway.  we spent an hour or so taking pictures and talking, when they left my daughter and i wished them god speed and a safe ride to the wall.. it was a blast from the past, god only knows if we will meet again. i hope we do.

pBeers, Reno, NV

May 9, 2008 - I first met Ratbike Milo in 2001, when I retired from the Army and moved to Oregon. This guy is truely amazing! Right from the beginning he treated me and my wife like longtime friends. I'm proud to say; now we are. You will not meet a more authentic happy person, than Ratbike Milo. He's such a good guy who could possibly remember the time he left me and my wife behind on a motorcycle run. His motorcycle, the Ratbike, is a work of art in it's own right. This bike looks like the biggest piece of $#!^, but it has more miles on it than most cars. It is the oddest MOTORCYCLE ever "comPILED"!

Gentle Ben, Myrtle Creek, OR