Day 3 - May 21, 2010

Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010 Day 3 Ratbike Milo and NVAR 2010

This Friday saw very dark clouds outside as we were packing up the bikes.  We all went back inside for the morning riders meeting, and by the time we got back outside it was getting pretty white out with snow building up on our bikes!  Everyone had rain gear on and electric wear as well, if they were lucky enough to have them.  Yes, I put on my heated vest and gloves and it made it a little better.  Snow was building up on the windshields while going down the road, to the point where a lot of people could not see in front of them very well.  They were holding their heads off to the side to be able to see the road.  I looked over my windshield and the snow was building up on the shield of my helmet.  All I had to do was wipe it off every few seconds and I could see fine.  After an hour and a half or so, the snow turned to rain as we went lower in elevation.  It was still pretty cool out but getting a little better to be able to deal with.

Our first gas stop was 99 miles later in Rock Springs and a lot of coffee was being sold to our group of about 40+ riders.  We picked up a few more riders there who were waiting for us.  Jeremy was one of them who rode with us the next 112 miles to our next stop of Rawlins.  That is where we finally took off a lot of the rain gear as it was getting lighter all the time in the eastern skies.  It was our lunch stop that allowed us to get a hot buffet that helped warm us up a bit more.  On the road again for another 101 miles to Laramie which is the stop that I was waiting for.

My friends from Colorado, Noel and Yvette, were waiting for us with about another 35 more bikes.  They brought about 10 bikes up from their area and we all did the last 55 miles to Cheyenne behind a police car escort.  We went to the Wyoming State Veterans Hospital with 79 bikes that all fit in their drive around circle to the approval of a lot of the veterans waiting for us.  Dana Anderson was playing his bagpipes as we arrived.  He is a fellow rider and a good guy to be around.  We spoke to all of them and we were then treated to a wreath laying ceremony and a 21-Gun Salute and a Bugler who did a great job of Taps.  We did not get to stay there as long as we would have liked to and we were off to the VFW Post 1881 for a great spaghetti dinner, as they have been providing for us for all 6 years.  They are a real cool group of guys and gals who really care about providing for us.  Jason showed up from Mavericks Harley-Davidson Dealership to give away quite a few drawing prizes from their shop.  It was a real good visiting time for everyone, especially having Noel and Yvette stay for dinner and we were able to spend more time together.  

We then went to our motel, which is right next door to the Am Vets place where a lot of guys went for beverages.  May the weather god be more favorable to us all tomorrow?